Rock and Sand

3/4" Drain Rock

3/4″ Drain Rock

Crushed quarry rock available in (sizes) washed or unwashed.

Base Rock

Base Rock

Class II 3/4″ minus compactable quarry material ideal for roads, driveways, and trench backfill when compaction is necessary.

3/8” Blue Chip

3/8” Blue Chip

Crushed smaller quarry rock, great for topping roads, driveways for dust control and pathways.

Pea Gravel

Pea Gravel

Small river gravel, used for backfill, groundcover.

Concrete Sand / PG&E Sand

Concrete Sand / PG&E Sand

Recommended as a leveling sand for pavers/flagstone, is also PG&E certified for gas line backfill.

Topdress Sand / Oly sand

Topdress Sand

Topdress Sand AKA “Oly sand”, whitish colored fine clean silica sand. Great for paver joints where better infill drainage is desired.

Delta Sand

Delta Sand

Our finest sand, used under above ground pools and for trench fill.

1/4” Minus Quarry Rock Sand

1/4” Minus Quarry Rock

Compactable fine quarry rock, used for backfill and as a finer base material

3/4" Brown Drain

3/4″ Brown Drain

Earth colored shale, not as dense as blue quarry rock, usually used in landscaping.


Concrete Mix

Available in 3/8” or ¾” round con mix, used to make concrete mix by adding cement.

4-8” Crushed Rip-Rap

4-8” Crushed Rip-Rap

4-8” Crushed Rip-Rap AKA Gabion Rock, used for erosion control on hillsides, lining drainage ditches, and making Gabion cages for walls/reinforcement.


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