Soil Amendments / Compost

Nitrolized Sawdust

Nitrolized Sawdust

Redwood sawdust stabilized with nitrogen for use as a soil amendment.

Organic Compost OMRI

Organic Compost OMRI

OMRI certified organic compost, a mix of green waste, and food scraps, free of manure.

Steer Manure (Bulk)

Steer Manure

Composted steer manure, great soil amendment, but stinky!

5/16” Lava Rock (Bulk)

5/16” Lava Rock

Small lava rock used as a lightweight and inexpensive drainage rock and water retention in soils and also as a groundcover.

Pumice (Bulk)


White colored very lightweight rock used for soil drainage, replaces perlite as a more environmentally friendly alternative.


Kelp Meal (55 lb. Bag)

Kelp Meal (55 lb. Bag). Nutrient rich soil amendment.


Dolomite (50 lb. Bag)

Dolomite (50 lb. Bag). Dolemitic limestone, used to raise soil pH, to make more alkaline.


Chicken Meal Bag 4-4-4

Well balanced timed release fertilizer.


Bat Guano 7-3-1 (44 lb. Bag)

Bat Guano 7-3-1 (44 lb. Bag). Nitrogen rich bagged fertilizer.


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